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Emjay Communications stands as a distinguished integrated marketing communications and public relations consultancy, established in 2013 under the astute leadership of Gunaprasath Bupalan, our esteemed CEO and Group Editor. Gunaprasath’s extensive professional background includes a noteworthy tenure as the Features Editor and Journalist for PropertyTimes, a prominent property pull-out in the widely recognized New Straits Times.

With a wealth of experience exceeding two decades, Gunaprasath has meticulously curated a team of seasoned communication associates, each driven by a fervent passion for their craft and a hands-on approach. Together, Emjay Communications is committed to assisting clients in cultivating and fortifying their brand identity, as well as fostering robust relationships with key stakeholders. The Emjay team is characterized by its strategic prowess, offering clients discerning and pragmatic marketing communication plans that align seamlessly with their overarching business objectives.

“At Emjay Communications, we skillfully mould your narrative to precisely manage the perceptions of your stakeholders. We understand the pivotal role that organizational behaviour and brand perception play in the landscape of business success, and we steadfastly maintain that these elements should never be underestimated. Our approach is characterized by professionalism, efficacy, and an unwavering commitment to delivering results that transcend expectations” - Gunaprasath


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Gunaprasath is the Chairman of The Malaysian Property Expert Choice Awards (formerly known as The Malaysian Property Press Awards), Managing Editor of Property360Digest and the Managing Director of Emjay Communications 

With over 20 years of experience in the property media scene both locally and regionally. Gunaprasath has personally received numerous awards for his contributions through his publications, columns, radio show and productions 

He has been recognized as Chairman for COMFORI, panelist for ASLI and as a speaker at MAPEX by REHDA on many occasions. Gunaprasath Bupalan is also the co-host of Jalan Jalan Cari Rumah and the host of Property On Traxx (Traxx 90.3FM). 

Gunaprasath Bupalan

Digital Brand and Content Stategist

Nordin Abdullah

Government Integration and Crisis Management Expert

An Australian businessman living in Asia, currently Managing Director of Glenreagh Sdn Bhd. A focused approach to advocacy and keen understanding of the complex relationships between corporations, governments, academia, non-government organisations and the media, has enabled Nordin to implement his creative approach to strategic problem solving and sustainable development across various sectors. An active member of the business community Nordin sits on EXCO of the Malaysia Australian Business Council where he chairs the Food, Beverage & Agriculture sub-committee. Formerly the Vice President of the Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce & Industry, he is also the Vice-President of the Malaysian Cricket Association and Founding Chairman of the Malaysia Global Business Forum. His many roles have allowed him to solve government relations, industry & client advocacy and market access issues in multiple industries.

Bjorn is a young Belgian entrepreneur who has a sales agency where the everyday person gets trained in entrepreneurship, while being able to earn an income from that training on day one. He is a growth consultant who helps SME scale in a profitable way and has a soft spot for ambitious people who are stuck in life and want inspiration and guidance. As a former actor Bjorn loves storytelling and is on a mission to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs through entertainment.

As a born networker he developed sales models that are groundbreaking, as they help sales professionals to sell without sounding or being “salesy”.  The main takeaway Bjorn shares with everyone who asks for his number one piece of advice is a quote from the famous Jim Rohn : “ Work harder on yourself than you do on your job”. 

With Bjorn as part of Emjay Communications, you could be rest assured that your sales would see greater heights. 

Bjorn Booten

Growth Consultant

Shanthi Thiruchelvam

Marketing Communications Specialist

Shanthi brings on board over 25 years of experience in public relations, integrated marketing communications, content creation, event management, speaking, moderator and training engagement across multiple platforms in the local and international spectrum.

Shanthi leads with resilience on the implementation of comprehensive communications programme to build brands, drive growth and manage business perceptions, while delivering an outstanding client experience. Her creative thinking and strategy development with integrity for each client customized has produced measurable results for organizations.

Shanthi’s leadership and strategic counsel in healthcare and education, among other industries is forthcoming. Progressive cohesive communication, stakeholder engagement, reputation management, digital and social media management has provided organisations to institutionalize significant flagship initiatives. 

Shanthi is equally committed and passionate to community service endeavors. She serves on the board of Rotary Club of Klang Valley, member of Institute of Marketing Malaysia, and has previously served on the committee of National Association of Women Entrepreneurs Malaysia.

Ikhram is a content producer in the property and personal development markets. He writes, makes videos, and speaks at public events with one goal - to help people make better choices. Ikhram has spoken at almost every major property event since 2018 and has been recognised as one of the most successful and experienced AirBnB Hosts in Malaysia. His articles are thought provoking and featured in some of the most popular media in Malaysia. He is also a Director of The Malaysian Expert Choice Awards, co-host of Jalan Jalan Cari Rumah and Editor of

Ikhram Merican

Special Projects Liason and Content Stategist

Rachael is a creative connoisseur. She handles the creative content planning as well as strategic campaigns for clients, adding a little twist and pizzaz for that wow factor inclusion. With years of experience handling international campaigns and clients, Rachael began her journey with Ambient Media where she worked on planning and strategizing advertising and marketing campaigns. 

She spent many years planning marketing and promotional campaigns for local and international clients for Denise the Wineshop and Nails by Kim franchises. She also spent several years prior to Emjay Communications with Dynamic Business Information, where she handled credit analysis and reports and strategic advisory to clients from South East Asia, Europe, Africa and Australasia.  

Rachael Raymond

Editorial Strategist

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